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February 17, 2011
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Marion Record, February 17, 2011 ..... Page 8 Legals I February 1, 2011 The Turner County Board of Commissioners met in regular ses- sion at 8:30 A.M. Present were Chairman Van Hove, Adamson, GIobke, Hansen & Overby. Also present was Auditor Hagemann. Motion by Hansen, seconded by Overby, to approve the agenda. Motion carried. Motion by Adamson, seconded by GIobke, to approve the January 25, 2011 minutes. Motion carried. COUNTY BUSINESS State's Atty. Tiffani Landeen- Hoeke met with the Board to dis- cuss county business. Hwy. Supt. Ron Schulte met with the Board to discuss county business. RESIGNATION STATE'S ATTY. LEGAL ASSISTANT Motion by Globke, seconded by Adamson, to accept Jennifer Bloomer's resignation as the State's Atty. Legal Assistant effective as of Feb. 10, 2011. Motion carried. EXECUTIVE SESSION Motion by Overby, seconded by Adamson, to enter into execu- tive session at 10:05 A.M. for legal matters. Motion carried. Motion by Adamson, seconded by Overby, to come out of execu- tive session at 11:15A.M. Motion carried: No action taken. APPROVE GENERAL BID LETTING SPECS Motion by Globke, seconded by Overby, to approve the specs for the General Bid Letting as presented by the Hwy. Supt. Motion carried. PAINT STRIPING AGREEMENT Motion by Overby, seconded by Adamson, to approve signing the 2011 Paint Striping Agreement with the State. Motion carried. CODINGTON COUNTY DUMP BODY BID Motion by Globke, seconded by Adamson, to purchase a Dump Body from Northern Truck Equip. for $24,921.00 off the Codington County Bid which was awarded March 2, 2010. Motion carried. DECLARE SURPLUS PROPERTY Motion by Hansen, seconded by Globke, to declare 3 Motorola two-way radios serial #'s 624ASNO050, 624ASN0085 & 524ARY0028 surplus property to be junked. Motion carried. SECOG MAINTAIN GIS URBA- PARCELS AGREEMENT Motion by Globke, seconded by Hansen, to sign an agreement with SECOG for them to maintain the county's GIS Urban Parcels. Motion carried. PAYROLL January 31, 2011 payroll: Commissioners 3520.00, Auditor 2826.01, Treasurer 4031.51, State's Atty. 3922.39, Assessor 3905.93, Register of Deeds 2361.31, Veteran Service 556.92, Sheriff 10,648.09, 24/7 83.48, Parker Law 2800.60, Hurley Law 530.37, Chancellor Law 617.63, Davis Law 228.75, Marion Law 1245.53, Emergency Management 1248.66, 911 53.04, Hwy. 22,031.30, Extension 1211.82, Weed 676.44, Zoning 210.12, total 62,709.90. CLAIMS Motion by Hansen, seconded by Overby, to approve the follow- ing claims. Motion carried. James Adamson 136.90 mileage, Automatic Door Group 2178.58 service, Avera McKennan Hospital 2268.32 care of poor, Avera McKennan Hospital 34.25 service, Best Business Products 99.87 main. agree., Board of Police Commissioners 1104.00 services, Brown & Saenger 238.04 supp., Butler Machinery Co. 155.14 parts, Commissioner Proceedings CATCO Parts & Service 122.40 parts, Century Business Products 101.18 main. agree./copier, Char- lie's Drive Inn 86.74 meals, Con- crete Materials 11,935.58 sand, Ray Dangel 83.73 windshield, Diesel Machinery, Inc. 224.85 parts, Driscoll's Valencia Street Mortuary 1300.00 service, Eich Law Office 4034.17 contract, Elbo Computing Resources 438.75 serv- ice, Election Systems & Software 3966.00 main. agree., Frisbee Plumbing & Heating 61.34 parts, G & H Distributing 54.00 parts, Girton Adams 167.61 parts, Ronald Globke 23.68 mileage, Great Plains Intl. 336.75 parts, Donna Gunder- son 725.00 janitor, Sheila Hage- mann 106.35 mileage, Gary Hansen 13.32 mileage, Hotcomb Freight- liner, Inc. 1265.89 parts/labor, Hostetler's Repair 157.78 parts/labor, Hydraulic World 728.39 parts, Interstate 1119.92 supp., Carol Johnson 90.18 service, John- son, Heidepriem & Abdallah 625.00 service, James A. Jones 75.00 service, Kettwig Electric 135.16 service, Lynn, Jackson, Shultz & Le- brun 5801.28 service, McLeod's Printing 399.66 supp., Mac's, Inc. 45.41 supp., Matheson Tra-Gas, Inc. 82.08 parts, Menards 57.99 supp., Lavonne Meyer 49.33 reg./supp., Randy Miller 920.00 jan- itor, Minnehaha Co. Regional JDC 1120.00 per diem, Minnehaha Co. Treasurer 6171.05 jail, Mr. G's Tires, Inc. 94.00 tire, Nebraska Coalition for Victims of Crime 40.00 reg., Northern State Supply 265.81 supp., John Overby 68.08 mileage, Pathology Medical Services 520.86 service, Pioneer Memorial Hospital 480.00 service, Pipestone Co. Sher- iff 50.00 fee, Powerplan 460.00 parts/labor, Pump N' Stuff 112.00 gas, Quill Corp. 150.93 supp., Qwest 654.46 911, ROCS Transit 3300.00 allot., John Roman 52.24 gas, SD Continuing Legal Education 100.00 subs., Sam's Club 35.00 dues, SECOG 1500.OO service, Sec- ond Change Rescue Center 458.70 service, Sioux Empire Christian Counseling 1135.00 service, Sirchie Finger Print Lab 47.82 supp., 6th Street Storage 125.00 rent, SD Dept. of Revenue 115.00 bid. tests, State of SD 19.00 fee, Stern Oil Co., Inc. 3734.10 gas, TCESA 30.00 dues, Teamco, Inc. 455.15 parts/labor, Turkey Ridge Oil 16,884.00 diesel, Turner Co. Print- ing 61.96 supp., Lyle Van Hove 51.80 mileage, Velvet Uniforms 239.67 uniforms, Viborg Repair & Towing 42.39 services, Yankton Co. Sheriff 25.00 fee, Zee Medical 52.65 supp., Zarbock Kool Law Of- fice 3413.50 ct. appt. atty., total 83,614.79. ADJOURNMENT Motion by Overby, seconded by Adamson, to adjourn. Motion carried. Next meeting, a regular meet- ing, set for February 8, 2011. BOARD OF COUNTY COMMIS- SIONERS TURNER COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA Lyle Van Hove, Chairman ATTEST: Sheila Hagemann Turner County Auditor Published once at the total approxi- mate cost of $58.71. 2-17/ltc Marion City Council Proceedings The City Council of the City of month, event of a citywide election, Rosella Marion, South Dakota met in regular Discussion was held on chang- Schwartz would serve as Judge session on Monday, February 7, ing the sign on the south end of with a Clerk selected from the other 2011, at 7:00 p.m. in the meeting town from '25MPH Ahead' to two wards. Motion was made by room of the City Building with the '35MPH Ahead', Sulzle advised Ellefson, seconded by Nelson to ap- following council members present: that it is a County sign and the TC prove the Judges and Clerks as ap- Mike Ellefson, Jeff Jeno, Bill Konda Highway Superintendent is address- pointed. Motion carried. and Rick Nelson, together with the ing the matter. Motion was made by Ellefson, Mayor Ron Globke and Finance Of- TC Sheriff Nogelmeier was seconded by Nelson to adjourn at ricer Karl Muller. Also in atten- present and the law enforcement re- 8:33 p.m. Motion carried. dance: City Superintendent Dustin port for January was distributed and Sulzle, Brian Burge. Turner County reviewed. Discussion was held on Ron Globke, Mayor Sheriff Byron Nogelmeier was pres- miscellaneous law enforcement ent from 7:20 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. matters. ATTEST: Absent: Dee Herlyn, Dave Viet. Additional discussion was held Karl Muller, Finance Officer Additions to the agenda were on digital speed signs, with Sulzle as follows: Old siren equipment, advising the sign that was to be or- Publish once at the approximate Training/Conference expenses. Mo- dered is no longer available. Infor- total cost of $65.86. 2-17/ltc tion was made by Konda, seconded mation was presented on similar by Jeno to approve the agenda as signs, with the decision made to modified. Motion carried, order a sign with a 4-week battery, fMonroe Town I Motion was made by Jeno, Discussion was held on Broad- seconded by Ellefson to approve the way Avenue concerns and load lim- minutes fromtheJanuary3,2011 its. It wasadvisedtheCitywilllook ! Bo00r00. ! meeting. Motion carried, into renting an additional dump Upon motionmadebyNelson, truck for shortperiodsoftimelater L Proceedings J seconded by Ellefson and carried by this year to assist with street work roll call, the following bills were pre- completed by city personnel. sented and warrants ordered drawn: Follow-up discussion was held The Town of Monroe held their Regular salaries - $7030.00; Coun- on insulating the east storage build- regular meeting Thursday, February cil salaries - $268.90; IRS/Dept. of ing. An updated bid for insulating 10, 2011 at 7:30 p.m. All Board Treasury-withholding tax and social the ceiling was presented and re- members and the Finance Officer security - $3628.10; S.D. Retire- viewed, with it advised the work were present. Schoenwald called ment-retirement - $1319.90; Well- would be done this summer, the meeting to order and asked for mark/Blue Cross-health insurance - Motion was made by K0nda, the reading of the previous meet- S 1012.17; AFLAC-insurance seconded by Nelson to declare a 2- ing's minutes. The Financial Report $429.43; Direct Response-life in- wheel utility trailer with winch and a was also reviewed. On a motion by surance - $32.44; Xcel Energy- Farmking 84" finishing mower as Berg, seconded by Miller, supported lights & power - $2141.02; Golden surplus property and place the items by Schoenwald the minutes and the West-telephone & internet services - on an upcoming Wieman auction. Financial Report were approved. $330.14; Northwestern-natural gas Motion carried. OLD BUSINESS: LAGOON: $1138.20; AIItel-cell service - Motion was made by Ellefson, $48.57; Southeastern Electric-lights seconded by Jeno to declare police On on motion by Miller, seconded $18.50; TM Rural Water-city uniform pants, old monitors, key- by Berg, supported by Schoenwald, water services - $5887.20; Addy boards, CPU's, and miscellaneous it was decided to spend $10,000 Disposal-city garbage - $45.00; office equipment as surplus property for the year 2011 on needed lagoon Addy Disposal-contracted garbage to be disposed of as deemed appro- improvements. Riff-raff will be the services - $5165.20; Turner County priate. Motion carried. A list of the first improvement undertaken. Es- Auditor-contracted police services - surplus property will be kept on file timates per ton for rock and place- $4235.83; Larry Hopf-overtime - in the Finance Office. ment will be acquired. Also, $183.22; Dustin Sulzle-overtime, Swimming pool wages and estimates for a manhole project will cell phone/mileage/meals reimb. - rates were reviewed. The decision be acquired. $734.02; Josh Picek-overtime, cell was made to place the ad in the NEW BUSINESS: ATLAS: Jim phone/mileage/meals reimb: paper seeking a manager and life- Beeninga and the Beeninga Family $378.38; Karl Muller-mileage reimb, guards for the upcoming pool sea- have offered the Town a Standard $27.38; Ron GIobke-mileage son. It was also decided to run the Atlas of Turner County to be dis- reimb. - $27.38; Larry Hopf - un- ad for the Summer Help positions, played at the Town Hall. This Atlas used sick leave(50%) - $1654.37; It was advised that the Pool Man- contains a lot of Turner County his- Richard Knutson-landfill labor - ager, once hired, will be assisting tory. The Town has a locked glass $37.70; Rick Weber-zoning wages - with the hiring of lifeguards, case at the Town Hall and would $117.94; Zimmer, Duncan & Cole- Follow-up discussion was held display the Atlas in this case if that legal services - $30.00; Jill & on filling the open Summer Rec Co- is acceptable to the Beeninga Fam- Larry's Minimart-gas & misc. sup- ordinator position. Discussion was ily. plies - $337,77; Marion Oil-gas,- also held on coordinating the con- BILLS PRESENTED FOR PAY- kerosene & tire repairs - $1259.45; cession stand work for the season. MENT: SD Dept. of Revenue & Schmidt Country-supplies & parts - Sulzle reported the metal/white $423.76; Marion Lumber-supplies & goods at the landfill were recently Regulations (lagoon test) $42.00, parts - $249.79; Marion Machine- baled. It was advised additional bal- SD Dept. of Revenue $32.00, An- supplies & services - $578.83; An- ing will be completed in the spring, derson Publications $32.78, Dakota derson Publications-Jan. publishing Discussion was held on a request Riggers & Tool $562.23, Xcel En- - $140.03; Wanda Wentzel-cleaning for dirt needed later this year, with it ergy (street lights) $402.92, SD $60.00; Donlan's-supplies advised that the City will have some Assoc. of Towns & Townships $37.87; Central Farmer's-salt/rock - dirt available. The (dues) $154.45, One Call $12.00, $40.57; Ecolab-landfill pest control- maintenance/mowing of the old NorthWestern $300.64, Xcel En- $79.00; Servall-supplies - $41.86; landfill site was addressed, ergy (hall 40.01, park 48.87) Governor's Inn-water conf. lodging Discussion was held on remov- $88.88, Gene Berg (mileage) - $170.00; Quill-supplies - $186.46; ing the old siren equipment located $35.00, Addy's Disposal $825.00, Dell-computer & software on a wall in the fire hall, with Sulzle Monroe Fire Dept. $2,500.00, $1677.90; Allied Hand Dryer-baby advised to get with Golden West to Robin Dykstra $113.22, Sue Hep- changing station- $125.00; MC&R verify any phone line connection ner $165.11, City of Marion Pools-sand & gravel - $589.00; and proceed accordingly. $800.00, Ron Oveson $2,084.00, Diesel Machinery-cutting edge blade Discussion was held on having Wayne Thietje (parts) $200.00, - $230.31; Tractor Salvage & Weld- the city obtain a credit card to be Central Farmer's Coop $511.00, ing-cutting edge equipment used for expenses such as training, Stamps $44.00. $206.00; Lyle Signs-street sign - conferences and miscellaneous Since there was no further $16.41; Concrete Materials-cold equipment. The decision was made business, Berg made motion, Miller mix & deicing sand - $1421.79; to obtain the necessary information seconded that the meeting be ad- Department of Revenue-lab fees for and address the matter at the regu- journed. Shoenwald closed the water tests - $12.00; Department lar March meeting, meeting at 9:00 p.m. The next reg- of Revenue-garbage sales tax - The following individuals were ular meeting will be March 10, $309.91; S.D. One Call-locates - selected to serve as Judges and 2011 at 7:30 p.m. $5.55; S.D. Municipal League-2011 Clerks for any Municipal Election in dues bal. due - $22.45; Geotek- 2011: Ward One Rosella 2010 UI project testing - $1146.00. Schwartz, Eleanor Becker, Rita Sue Hepner Sulzle provided a sewer project McVay; Ward Two Martha Finance Officer update, advising the manholes north Gesick, Myrtle Rasmussen, Sharon of town have been marked and will Weber; Ward Three - Janice Loof, Publish once at the approximate be worked on within the next Grace Duerksen, Ella Tieszen. In the total cost of $21.16. 2-17/ltc